WhitlockIS joins IAITAM

WhitlockIS has joined IAITAM to support the growing demand for IT Asset Management expertise.  The IAITAM mission is to be the principle resource for comprehensive IT Asset Management best practices worldwide. Enabling practitioners and industry professionals to achieve continuous success through ongoing education, certifications and networking as well as providing information pathways for knowledge enrichment and professional growth.  Participation in IAITAM provides WhitlockIS with industry best practices and access to thought leadership in support of customer IT Asset initiatives.  Specifically, WhitlockIS has been engaged in several IT Asset Management projects in collaboration with Freshworks and Device42.  The combination of industry leading ITSM solutions from Freshworks and automated discover from Device42 provides a technical foundation to deliver on the expectations of fast, agile solutions while still providing the needed governance and process to ensure successful ITAM initiatives.

In addition to joining IAITAM, WhitlockIS also sent consultants to the recent IAITAM ACE Conference in Las Vegas.  The conference provided an opportunity to network with other IT Asset practitioners while also obtaining IAITAM certification.  Brent Nelson, one of the attendees noted, “It’s been an awesome week at the #IAITAMACE conference! From attending the onsite #CSAM training to the plethora of sessions led by other members, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the willingness of everyone to share their experiences in their ITAM journey. I know I will be able to bring back value for many of my current and future clients.”  Jeff Jamieson, WhitlockIS President, added, “We are fully committed to both delivering industry best practices for ITAM and supporting our key partners, Freshworks and Device42.  The recent announcement of Freshworks acquisition of Device42 highlights the importance of ITAM demands for enterprise customers.”

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