FirstCall and Total Care

Expert, Fast, and Effective Managed Services

IT organizations must be agile and effective. And the support services they leverage must move at the same pace — requiring faster access to experts who can quickly resolve issues, without becoming mired in lengthy troubleshooting.

With IT organizations leveraging more and more software solutions for operations, hiring knowledgeable resources across all technologies is not always feasible. Our “Pay for one, get access to many” TotalCare model, and our U.S.-based support team in FirstCall, allows you to pay fair, transparent pricing and have access to experts across many technologies.

FirstCall U.S. Support Team

Whitlock FirstCall is an exemplary team of U.S.-based technical support experts who provide personalized support services for your IT Operations Management and IT Service Management software environments.


When you purchase support services through Whitlock, you are assigned an engineer who is backed by our entire FirstCall team. We promise quick response, continuity of coverage, impeccable communication, fast resolution times, and a greater knowledge and understanding of your ITOM and ITSM software than you have ever experienced.


For matters dealing with licensing and renewals, our contracts team provides expert contract management to assist you in navigating and expediting the support renewal process; we promise a fast, easy, and accurate transaction. We ensure that you only pay support fees for the software you own, and the software you use.


  • U.S.-based support organization and resources
  • Senior Consultants, not scripted Tier 1 support
  • Global coverage 24x7x365
  • 2-hour response time or faster
  • Vendor escalation management
  • License management
  • Lab resources

TotalCare Subscription-based Consulting

The cost of ongoing care and maintenance of an enterprise software implementation is significant. Having full-time resources across all technologies deployed in any environment is challenging, and often the needs of the business ebb and flow. TotalCare offers access to an on-demand pool of senior engineering resources skilled across many technologies. This “Pay for one, get access to many” model greatly improves the value received for the cost of a hire, eliminates the risk associated with tribal knowledge leaving when employees turn over, and allows you to add team capacity as business demands it. TotalCare is an annually renewable, subscription-based service — and the easiest, most cost-efficient way to get the intended value from your ITOM/ITSM software investments.


  • Delivers management and administration of on-premise or Saas Solutions
  • Provides a dedicated lead engineer
  • Can offer short- or long-term contracts
  • Offers fixed-price subscriptions

A Better Way: TotalCare

Our support services helped this healthcare system better manage their IT operations.

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