About Whitlock

Founded in 2003, with the clear commitment to:

Our workplace: Attracting, developing and retaining the most talented and caring professionals within our industry, and continually promoting their personal growth.

Our thinking: Differentiating ourselves with a valuing others approach that emphasizes effective listening, accountability, results and, above all else, the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our performance: Our passion is performing as expected, and we have well-defined processes that address both elements of our passion, namely, the explicit understanding of your criteria for success, and the corresponding and requisite elements of a successful engagement.

Our operations: Managing our business in such a way that we continue to achieve superb and sustainable financial performance, while adhering to the business-to-business requirements of our clients and partners.

Our attitude: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” We exemplify affirmative thinking and enthusiasm knowing full well that without these we don’t stand a chance of realizing our goal (and frankly, neither do you).


To deliver value to others, so they will, in turn, be valued!

Our Management Team

Cory Watson, Alex Ulbrich, Mac Bullock, Bryan Thomas, Paul Almany, Jeff Jamieson, Don Bafford