Improve Enterprise Visibility and Performance

To effectively manage IT, and the services it provides to its customers, inside the organization and out, a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of what comprises these services is essential. Configuration Management data must be readily accessible, and more importantly, accurate, as nearly every important IT-related question requires this data in order to provide an answer. The longer the wait for the answer, the greater the (negative) impact on the business. Configuration Management done well enables deployment and audit of defined policies (i.e., Security, Compliance), defines service impact of an unplanned outage of a particular component, reveals what is in your environment and what changed overnight, and provides the basic information required for data center consolidation or migration (to the Cloud).

With Configuration Management in place, IT needs a consistent and effective approach to detecting and responding to exceptions to availability and performance at both the service and infrastructure level – regardless of where that exception occurs. Event Management done well provides an integration of events from any number of element managers or sources, provides a service context for those events, correlates “noise” to focus on only what is important, automates to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize downtime, and supports Hybrid Cloud environments.

Listed in the boxes below is a summary of the technology and essential services Whitlock provides, and the value-driven method we use, to ensure your goals are achieved, and your investment in improved enterprise visibility and performance is well-spent. Please contact us to learn more, and to discuss your particular needs.


Monitoring Strategy

  • Current state assessment (people, process, technology)
  • Architecture design
  • Technology integration
  • Hybrid infrastructure and service monitoring
  • Implementation and ongoing support

Consolidated Operations Bridge

  • Strategy and architecture
  • Event Management process optimization
  • Event correlation & automation
  • Incident and Problem process integration
  • Operational dashboards and reporting

Service and Infrastructure Discovery

  • Strategy and architecture
  • Configuration Management process optimization
  • Infrastructure and application discovery
  • Service and application modeling
  • Configuration data audit and control

Operational analytics

  • Strategy and architecture
  • Data integration and aggregation
  • Automated baselining and anomaly detection
  • Predictive analytics
  • Interactive data exploration

It Begins with ValueFirst

Most goal setting exercises begin with a consultant standing at a white board soliciting inputs from the room. “What are your goals.” “How do you define success?”. ValueFirst™ does ask those questions, but the decisive focus is not on determining results, but rather on the sacrifices/commitments the organization is willing to accept—willing to sign up for. It is easy to think about what we would like to do; it is an entirely different exercise to define, and ultimately accept, the trade-offs that come with your goals. There are always trade-offs; there are always “costs” one must be willing to pay. Everybody wants a gold metal (or the equivalent); few want to train like an Olympian. Learn more about ValueFirst™.