Control Costs and Complexities

No organization is under more pervasive pressure to deliver more while spending less. With all of its good work to ensure customers (inside the organization and out) can access the services they need when they need them, funding of IT operations rarely reflects the increasingly complex job of doing so. Fortunately, our collaborative work with IT operations over the past 15 years has allowed us to formulate a number of offerings that help IT operations control costs and reduce complexities.

Listed in the boxes below is a summary of the technology and essential services Whitlock provides, and the value-driven method we use, to help IT provide ever-greater levels of operational excellence while, at the same time, controlling costs. Please contact us to learn more, and to discuss your particular needs.

Tool Assessment and Rationalization

  • Identification of objectives and required capabilities
  • Current tool inventory and assessment
  • License and maintenance review
  • Administrative capabilities assessment
  • Analysis and recommendations

Procedure and Process Automation

  • Identify and prioritize automation opportunities
  • ROI Analysis
  • Procedure optimization and standardization
  • Automation design and implementation

Product Licensing, Support, & Administrative Services

It Begins with ValueFirst

Most goal setting exercises begin with a consultant standing at a white board soliciting inputs from the room. “What are your goals.” “How do you define success?”. ValueFirst™ does ask those questions, but the decisive focus is not on determining results, but rather on the sacrifices/commitments the organization is willing to accept—willing to sign up for. It is easy to think about what we would like to do; it is an entirely different exercise to define, and ultimately accept, the trade-offs that come with your goals. There are always trade-offs; there are always “costs” one must be willing to pay. Everybody wants a gold metal (or the equivalent); few want to train like an Olympian. Learn more about ValueFirst™.