Become an IT Service Broker

The term “Service Broker” will mean different things to different people, but in the context we are concerned with it is recognizing the need to be a broker of technologies that best meet the requirements of each of your individual business units. It may be the greatest challenge facing IT today.

By its definition, the concept of brokering services means IT is continually tasked with finding a better way to deliver IT, whether it is time-to-market, functional capability, and/or best cost. In addition, IT must make sure the candidate infrastructure or software data architecture is correct, and integrates with established and required systems. In other words, the Service Broker enabled IT organization become architects, working collaboratively with the business units they support.

Listed in the boxes below is a summary of the technology and essential services Whitlock provides, and the value-driven method we use, to help IT mature as a Service Broker. Please contact us to learn more, and to discuss your particular needs.

Service Lifecycle Management

  • Business and IT Services Identification
  • Portfolio Management
  • Service Catalog (Design, Categorize, Build & Implement)
  • Integration for Request Fulfillment (HPE ITSMA Suite)


  • Configuration Management
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Demand/Resource Management
  • IT Service Cost Reduction


  • Cloud Service Provider Management
  • Cloud Roadmap and Design Service
  • Service Level Management
  • Contract Management
  • Process Management across Providers

It Begins with ValueFirst

Most goal setting exercises begin with a consultant standing at a white board soliciting inputs from the room. “What are your goals.” “How do you define success?”. ValueFirst™ does ask those questions, but the decisive focus is not on determining results, but rather on the sacrifices/commitments the organization is willing to accept—willing to sign up for. It is easy to think about what we would like to do; it is an entirely different exercise to define, and ultimately accept, the trade-offs that come with your goals. There are always trade-offs; there are always “costs” one must be willing to pay. Everybody wants a gold metal (or the equivalent); few want to train like an Olympian. Learn more about ValueFirst™.