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Data Explosion

WhitlockIS: Helps you manage and leverage the volume and diversity of data coming from an increasingly complex and dynamic environment Enables limitless scaling to accommodate the volume and velocity of data Leverages AI and Machine Learning to read data and support real-time and retrospective uses Mines and analyzes data in real time to find relevant, […] Read More

Increasing Complexity

WhitlockIS: Establishes and maintains an accurate understanding of service health, changing topology, and dependencies of connected services Enables automated and event-driven discovery capability to understand the actual state Builds a dynamic and automated monitoring approach that incorporates all available data, AI, and Machine Learning to keep pace with change and reduce overhead of traditional approaches […] Read More

Agility Demands

WhitlockIS: Builds controls and governance models to give you flexibility and agility to change Guides you to create next-generation infrastructure and dynamic service models at scale Drives automation that spans technology domains and provides mechanisms to interaction with legacy systems and APIs Identifies and prioritizes automation opportunities, then pursues them Read More

Security Demands

WhitlockIS: Creates secure services fast to efficiently and effectively ID and respond to threats — and protect sensitive data Offers robust application testing and security validation mechanisms Leverages security operations powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and automation Provides comprehensive access management and identity management solutions Builds trusted and reliable end-to-end encryption Read More