TotalCare Team

Cory Watson, Director

Cory leads our FirstCall support services and TotalCare remote administration delivery team. He has over 25 years of industry experience, the last 15 of which have been focused exclusively on the HPE ITOM suite of products.   Cory has extensive experience planning, deploying, integrating, managing and supporting HPE Software in many environments, from simple to extremely complex. He has the ability to see the big picture and brings a level of order, stability and cadence to an environment that enables an organization to realize the most value from the tools.   Cory is also an expert trainer and mentor who keeps client side operational resources up to speed on product and integration knowledge. He is calm, cool, and collected and will be an asset to your team. USAF Veteran

EXPERTISE- Operations Manager, Operations Manager I, Network Node Manager, Business Service Management, Operations Orchestration, SiteScope, and Project Management

Andrea Borghi, Senior Consultant

Andrea has over 20 years of IT experience, and deep knowledge over a broad spectrum of technologies including networking, systems, storage, applications, virtualization, cloud, and operations management. After working for several large organizations, Andrea transitioned to Whitlock as a Senior Consultant; he participated in many high profile HPE software deployments across the country. He now shares his knowledge and experience as a key member of our FirstCall and TotalCare delivery team. He has a passion and enthusiasm that is unmatched, and will be an outstanding asset to your team.

EXPERTISE- Operations Manager, Operations Manager I, Network Node Manager, Business Service Manager, Operations Orchestration, SiteScope, universal Configuration Database, Cloud systems, and HPE Hardware platforms

Greg Goodman, Senior Consultant

Greg brings 25 years of IT experience, the last 18 of which have been focused primarily on HPE Enterprise Software. Greg has worked both directly for, and as a Consultant for, some of the nation’s largest corporations that have complex and highly integrated deployments of the HPE ITOM suite. He is analytical, methodical, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that is necessary for keeping these environments running optimally. Greg is like a technology swiss army knife, and will be a valuable asset to your team. USA Veteran

EXPERTISE- Operations Manager, Operations Manager I, Network Node Manager, Business Service Manager, Operations Orchestration, SiteScope, Service Manager, Service Anywhere, and ConnectIT

Andy Grawe, Senior Consultant

Andy has been working directly with the HPE ITOM products for over 11 years. He was recruited by Mercury directly from Purdue University. Mercury was later acquired by HPE and is now a core technology (BSM) in the ITOM suite. Andy brings his insider’s expertise and experience for the BSM, BPM, RUM, and Diagnostics products, along with UCMDB and VuGen. He also brings key relationships at HPE with his background as an engineer.   Andy is calm, cool, methodical and will amaze you at his ability to get things done.

EXPERTISE: Business Service Management, Business Process Management, SiteScope, Real User Monitor, Diagnostics, Universal Discovery, universal Configuration Database, Operations Manager I, Operations Orchestration, VuGen

Nick King, Senior Consultant

Nick has spent the last 15 years working as a Consultant on many high profile IT Service Management implementations across the US. He is an excellent problem solver and original thinker, and has extensive Service Manager and xMatters skills to name a few. Nick is an excellent team player and leader depending on his role in a given project, and has amazing ability to get things done. Nick is highly motivated, both personally and professionally and will be a solid asset to your team. USAF Veteran

EXPERTISE: Service Manager, xMatters, Connect-It, JavaScript, Java, Pentaho, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, MASM

Brent Nelson, Senior Consultant

Brent has over 15 years of experience in enterprise IT working directly for Fed Ex and then as a Consultant to some of the largest corporations in America. Brent’s core area of expertise is IT Service Management, specifically HPE Service Manager; he has several years of experience with deployments, migrations, integrations and support of these critical environments.   Brent is an excellent team player and steps up to any challenge. He will absolutely be an asset to your team.

EXPERTISE: Service Manager, ITILv3, Connect-IT, SQL, Oracle, DB2, Java, C+, HP RAD, Leadership

Wally Coates, Senior Consultant

Wally is another ITSM industry All-Star. He spent his first half of his career working directly for VF Corp and Wachovia before transitioning 10 years ago to being a Consultant for some of the largest companies in America. Wally’s extensive experience across many complex environments provides a wealth of knowledge and know-how that helps keep environments stable and projects moving along.   He’s a team player and looks forward to playing a critical role in your environment.

EXPERTISE: Service Manager (legacy to latest version) ITILv3, Connect-IT, SQL, Oracle, DB2, Java, C+, HP RAD

Alex Ulbrich, Chief Technology Officer

Alex has been working in the industry for many years, primarily as a Senior Consultant across many technologies and disciplines. Most recently Alex took the position of Chief Technology Officer at Whitlock where he provides engineering oversight and guidance on complex issues our teams face when deploying and managing critical environments. Alex is a master of legacy technologies and a student of the bleeding edge.

EXPERTISE: IT Operations Management Suite, Application Performance Management Suite, Application Architecture, Windows, Unix, Linux, Virtualization, Cloud, Amazon, Networking, Servers, Storage