Whitlock Partners with Pointnext

Accelerating Digital Transformation

HPE Pointnext and Whitlock have entered into a strategic partner agreement to jointly deliver Hybrid IT Transformation services. Whitlock is one of only six partners chosen by HPE’s Pointnext Consulting in North America for the Hybrid IT Services MVP partner program.

Pointnext, formerly known as HPE Technology Services, has been a well-kept secret within HPE. They are an experienced consulting organization that has been delivering transformation consulting for over 15 years. The rebranding comes at a perfect time as companies are struggling with their approach to the ever-changing Hybrid IT landscape.

Hybrid IT is creating new opportunities for businesses by making it possible to rapidly deliver new customer experiences, build new digital products and services, and optimize core business operations. We believe this digital transformation is all about accelerating innovation, and we see this innovation creating remarkable new value for businesses of all sizes.

But those opportunities come with challenges, like, mastering new workloads, managing Hybrid-based applications, building new partnerships, and evolving your (often traditional) IT environment. Time to value and your ultimate success depends on how quickly you can drive transformation across your enterprise.

What is needed? A technology partner who will provide you with the infrastructure expertise, and transformation experience required to build the right roadmap. Learn more about Pointnext by viewing the video in our library, and contact us directly at info@whitlockis.com.

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