The following recent article by James Clear discusses Inversion as a valuable technique to better navigate one’s life (or as he puts it “for leading a rational and logical life”).  In the article, James discusses the benefit of Inversion when it relates to projects and project management.  Taking an inverted view of a project not only helps identify and mitigate critical project risks, but also helps to identify and understand the importance of the project to the organization.  Exploring failure scenarios and raising questions beyond the reasons for failure such as, “How would the failure of the project impact the organization?”,  “Is this impact significant?  If so, How?”, will not only help reduce the chances of failure but also help you better understand the true VALUE (and consequently ROI) of the endeavor.  This Inversion thinking is a critical element of our VALUEFIRST METHOD.

Inversion: The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You

I hope you enjoy the article.  Your comments and ideas very welcome.  And thanks James, I read all of your thoughtful posts, and always walk away with something valuable.  

Don Bafford


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