Transform IT

We see it virtually every day … IT organizations that have invested significantly in software technology, but not in the associated processes that, together with software, deliver the desired outcomes. As capable as technology is, it does not take the place of the people, and the processes they must follow, to ensure service performance and availability.

IT Service Management software is not the driver-less car. While it provides a straightforward-to-deploy, straightforward-to-modify, “best practices” framework, nevertheless, on average, companies replace their IT Service Management software every five years. More often than not, these companies find themselves facing the same challenges because they failed to define and align the requisite processes with the chosen ITSM technology, and the cultural adoption thereof.

Since its inception, Whitlock has pioneered an essential service management approach that combines strategy and governance, process optimization and alignment, technology design and enablement, and cultural adoption. It incorporates Agile/Sprint methodology, Big Data Analytics, Social Collaboration, and excellence in Project Management. Listed in the boxes below is a summary of our offerings, and the value-driven method we use. Please contact us to learn more, and to discuss your particular needs.

Strategy and Governance

  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Goals and Objectives Identification
  • Strategy Definition in Alignment with Business Objectives
  • Roles and Governance Model Definition

Process Optimization

  • Current State Assessment
  • Future State Design in Support of Strategy
  • Process and Compliance
  • Requirements Alignment
  • Continuous Service Improvement/ Process Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Metrics definition – CSFs and KPIs
  • Implementation Planning and Enablement
  • Cultural Adoption via communication and training

Technical Enablement

  • Process and Technology Alignment
  • Complete Solutions for HPE ITSMA Suite (Service Manager, Asset Manager, Operations Orchestration, uCMDB)
  • Complete Software Lifecycle Services
  • Architecture and Functional Design
  • Integration Development and Support
  • Implementation Planning and Execution
  • Ongoing Support and Preventative Maintenance

It Begins with ValueFirst

Most goal setting exercises begin with a consultant standing at a white board soliciting inputs from the room. “What are your goals.” “How do you define success?”. ValueFirst™ does ask those questions, but the decisive focus is not on determining results, but rather on the sacrifices/commitments the organization is willing to accept—willing to sign up for. It is easy to think about what we would like to do; it is an entirely different exercise to define, and ultimately accept, the trade-offs that come with your goals. There are always trade-offs; there are always “costs” one must be willing to pay. Everybody wants a gold metal (or the equivalent); few want to train like an Olympian. Learn more about ValueFirst™.