It Begins with ValueFirst

Most goal setting exercises begin with a consultant standing at a white board soliciting inputs from the room. “What are your goals.” “How do you define success?”. ValueFirst™ does ask those questions, but the decisive focus is not on determining results, but rather on the sacrifices/commitments the organization is willing to accept—willing to sign up for. It is easy to think about what we would like to do; it is an entirely different exercise to define, and ultimately accept, the trade-offs that come with your goals. There are always trade-offs; there are always “costs” one must be willing to pay. Everybody wants a gold medal (or the equivalent); few want to train like an Olympian.

Listed below is a common approach using our ValueFirst™ method—the phases normally employed from Goal to Outcome. We began deploying ValueFirst™ about three years ago, and now our customers request it before they begin any significant new initiative. More than any other innovation in our 15 years, ValueFirst™ has had the greatest positive impact for our customers, and for our company.

ValueFirst Workshop (Typically 3 – 5 Days)

Bring stakeholders together to ensure consensus on expectations, budgets, and outcomes

  • Review organizational goals
  • Establish/Refine project objectives
  • Identify critical capabilities necessary to support objectives
  • Identify key consumers who will be responsible for leveraging newly developed capabilities
  • Identify metrics that will be used to measure progress
  • Identify expected value (quantifiable ROI where possible) in the context of organizational goals

Analysis & Planning (Typically 1 – 2 Weeks)

Work with subject matter experts to analyze current state, and to develop a comprehensive plan to realize the agreed upon project objectives

  • Review current state technologies, relevant processes, and effected organization
  • Develop and review/refine current state gap analysis
  • Develop implementation plan with Sprint milestones based on agree upon priorities
  • Gain consensus from all project stakeholders

Implementation (Typically 4 – 6 Weeks)

Work collaboratively with the project team to implement the agreed upon project plan

  • ValueAssurance project oversight to ensure continued focus on the identified outcomes
  • Extensive technical and process expertise to deliver the optimum solution
  • Testing and validation to ensure solution quality and sustainability
  • Thorough knowledge transfer and enablement throughout to ensure adoption, requisite cultural change, and on-going focus and success

ValueAssurance Support (Typically via a TotalCare Agreement)

Provide ongoing support to ensure the solution continues to deliver to goals/objectives, and grows return on investment

  • FirstCall™ support staffed by senior, experienced engineers to drive quick resolution to questions and issues
  • TotalCare™ expert remote administration to drive cost efficiency, and perpetuate continual learning
  • Software support contract maintenance and renewal (where applicable) to help manage complexity, cost, and compliance